Factory Five at Street Rod Nationals

Factory Five came to the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville. They ended up with additional space for their exhibit, so they invited local guys to display our cars. Here I am at the show. My buddy Gary and I had a great day.


Update (3/16/2018)

It has been a long while since I have updated this new site of mine. I had previously started out trying to just reproduce my original,  “CrawleysCobra.com” web site, but soon found out that was going to take more time than I wanted to invest right now. So I am going to switch up the format and just post some fairly recent pictures.

Here are a Couple pictures of Breezy and I running in some KYSCCA AutoCross events.



Here is a picture with the Soft Top on.

Cobra At House - Copy



Welcome to Crawley’s Cobra. This is the new site of my Cobra build. I launched the original site on 08/05/06 using GoDaddy as my host, but after nearly 10 years I have decided to try this WordPress blog.

I ordered my Factory Five MK3.1 complete kit on 07/07/08

Back Ground: 

About Thirty five years ago I first saw the movie Gumball Rally and that is when I was first snake bit. Then about thirty years ago I discovered kit cars, more importantly, I discovered that one could purchase and build their own, “Cobra” kit car, and so a dream was born, and like so many other thousands of us who love all things Cobra, I too dreamt of building my own Cobra some day.

So I started researching Cobra manufacturers around 2006. I had gotten to the point where it was possible to start thinking about really getting one. It has only taken me about 30 years.

I have four primary criteria for selecting one:

1.) 90” wheel base.

2.) IRS

3.) Completeness of kit

4.) Price vs. quality vs. reputation of manufacturer

I started off with three Cobra manufacturers in mind, they were Hurricane-Motorsports, Factory Five and B&B. Well … after much switching back and forth I have decided to go with Factory Five after all. I really like their frame the best, like I’ve heard said, “It is a work of art”. Here is a link to Factory Five:


Currently my plans are to have two roll bars, front and rear bumpers instead of the jack points, after-market tires and wheels, high back buckets, non-standard steering wheel and gauges. I will be starting my Cobra build as soon as it is delivered. Factory Five gave me a completion date of July 26th. My Factory Five Roadster arrived on 7/30/08.

Check back every now and then to see what I have added.